Demand letters

Instruct the debtor to pay you directly with our effective demand letter. For only $39 (inc. GST) no commission or additional fees.

After allowing your debtor 7 days to pay we will contact you. If the debtor has failed to respond we will discuss with you whether you would like to proceed with further action.

Send Demand Letter

Phone demand

Our phone demand service is a professional strategy to attain the debt or negotiate a fair repayment method without having to conduct legal proceeding and prevent going to court.

A 10% commission will be charged on successfully recovered debts only. If there is no recovery, there are no commissions or fees. You may skip the phone and service calls and proceed directly to court action.

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Statement of Claim (Summons)

A Statement of Claim (Summons) is an originating process document filed at court legally claiming the moneys due.

Contact us for an instant, no-commitment quote.

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Obtaining Judgement

Twenty-eight days after the Statement of Claim (Summons) has been served on the debtor, we will phone you to discuss if you would like to obtain a judgement against the debtor.

This is a judgement of the court that allows you to proceed with enforcement action against the debtor.

Enforcing Judgement

Our legal department and solicitors can offer you the full range of recovery action from the issue of a statement of claim, affidavit of service, obtaining judgment and the enforcement of judgment including:

  • A writ of execution
  • Garnishee order
  • Examination Summons
  • Bankruptcy or Liquidation
  • Writ against land

At all times you will be kept up to date with proceedings.