Australian Debt Collection

1300 BAD DEBT has been in operation since 1971. We offer a highly professional approach to debt recovery that focuses on the most effective and efficient ways to reclaim your bad debts. Our experienced staff are available to discuss with you any questions that you may have.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to recover your debt. We recommend the following procedure to collect your debt as soon as possible:

To collect your debt now

Instruct us to request that your debtor pay you directly with our effective demand letter for only $39 (inc. GST) no commission or additional fees.

Our demand letter has a high success rate and offers you an opportunity to reclaim your money within the week.

Send Demand Letter

If your debtor fails to respond to our demand letter, you may decide if you would like to conduct further legal action. We can negotiate with your debtor to keep the matter out of court or discuss with you how to proceed. See Our Services for more information.

Download our information brochure if you would like to revisit our services at a later date: Download Brochure (Right-Click, Save As)